Monday, February 11, 2008

Website up... First post... Uh-oh!

Well, welcome to Gamers (in?) Hell, the official unofficial team of bloggers that get you what YOU need to know about gaming, including tips, guides, and cheats, as well as the latest gadgets and gear you need to know about. It isn't all about tech and games, we'll be looking at movies, and the news. So it's a multi-task thing here.

Anyways, the team consists of a few people:

Me, Harry Walter
Krissy Montgomery - Cuz she's teh h0t
Stan Riggins - The Brit who keeps stealing the food in the pantry at our office! >:(
Guz Hernandez' - No, he isn't dumb, why? >.>
And finally, Sean L. Schaeffer - Another crazy Brit, we're pretty sure he's involved in these pantry acts as well.

We post as much as we can, but all we usually get around to is Friday-Sunday, the best times that fit all of our schedules.

We'll have our Epic Wins and Epic Fails by me, Mr. Harry, of youtube vid's.

Gaming reviews, tips, tricks and more with Brian

A look at the movies with Krissy

Gadgets and Gear with Stan Riggins

Sean with our gaming updates and console updates, as well as patches and fixes

And Gus with the real world, yeah that's right, away from the D.S., all you Advance Wars addicts

Look forward towards Friday folks!

- Admin Walter

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